Intelligence Artificielle

“unvoid” (le non vide) serait-elle porte d’entrée de “l’enfer” de l’Intelligence Artificielle ?

Olivier Auber — It is just art!
gadgetsam — We have limits on what is allowed on the platform now.
I cancelled your subscription.
Olivier Auber — But how do you imagine to constrain the people? If they write a prompt like I did they will get that kind of images.
gadgetsam — We tell them it isn’t allowed and warn/time out/ban them.
Olivier Auber — Ok then I think most of the true artists will leave…

Note :
gadgetsam = Sam Schickler, ML Researcher @ Midjourney, UC San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area

olivierauber2 AT gmail DOT com

L’Enfer de l’Intelligence Artificielle — sélection d’images générées sur Midjourney et autres IAs sans aucun mot proscrit.



is a researcher in cognitive art and science, associated with CLEA, Leo Apostel Interdisciplinary Research Centre of the Free University of Brussels (VUB).

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